Dynastic Periods and Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt

Dynastic Periods and Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt

By: Donald Frazer (Egyptology Man)

As this is my first post on the blog I thought it best to set the scene to which my interests and writing will flow around. Egypt. And not just any part the ancient history of the region. Egyptologists divide Ancient Egyptian civilization into four main Dynastic Periods, the Old, Middle, New, and the Late Kingdoms. These main Dynastic Periods are separated from each another by the First, Second, and Third Intermediate Periods. During these Intermediate periods, political divisions and weak rulers fragmented the central government and disrupted the administrative authority of the country.

Time Period Dynasties Powerful Rulers
Early Dynastic Period

3100-2600 B.C

1-3 Menes, Djoser
Old Kingdom

2600-2160 B.C

4-8 Cheops, Chephren, Mycerinus,

Pepy I, II

First Intermediate Period

2160-2040 B.C.

Middle Kingdom

2040-1700 B.C.

11-13 Amenemmes I, II, III
Second Intermediate Period

1700-1570 B.C.

New Kingdom

1570-1070 B.C.

18-20 Amosis I,

Amenophis I, II, III,

Tuthmosis I, II, III, IV,

Hatshepsut, Akhenaten,

Tutankhamun, Ramesses II & III

Third Intermediate Period

1070- 600 B.C

21-25 Economic troubles and civil wars

weaken Egypt. There are up to 4

Pharaohs ruling different parts of

Egypt at the same time

Late Kingdom

600 – 332 B.C

26-30 Constant threats from Assyrians,

Babylonians and Persians. During

the reign of Nectanebo II, Egypt

was conquered by Persians, this

marked the end of native

Egyptian rule.

Greco-Roman Period

332 B.C. – 395 A.D

30 BC Egypt

was a Roman


Alexander the Great, Ptolemy,

Cleopatra, Octavius

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Djoser - Early Dynastic Period - 3100-2600 B.C